Sunday, March 17, 2019

Eating Up YouTube

I've been debating lately whether I should up my social media game and become a YouTuber. I already have my Facebook page established and I think my insta game is pretty strong.  I kinda low key love styling my food photography pics, I'm always on the hunt for pretty things to use in pictures.  Seriously I think I could do it, maybe. Lol.  Either way lately alot of my food inspo has been from some of my fave YouTubers that I follow. So I thought I'd do a little post and share those YouTubers and their food with you! Because let's be real it's important to lift up other woman up and give them praises when they are due. #womenempowingwomen Also fun fact most of them are Canadian like me.  I think that's what draws me too them lol.

So first up we have Nikole from Healthnut Nutrition. I am a part of the #healthnutfam 🥑 and enjoy the 3 videos that are posted every week from this channel.  Nikole not only produces amazing content but she also has started the Healthnut shop where she sells all the amazing things you need in your kitchen and life in general. Click here to go to the shop. I admit I tried her 5 ingredient pancake recipe and it was an epic fail for me...

but most other recipes are amazing and give me ideas to make them my own.  She recently posted a easy 5 Minute Lunch video with tons of good ideas and I turned a veggie sandwich she made into a wrap and it was sooo good. She makes wanting to be a YouTuber look totally doable.  I also love her grocery hauls... I can always use ideas of what to buy especially from Costco and seeing her Trader Joe's hauls make me want to go there!  I highly recommend you check out her channel she didn't win Notable's YouTuber of the Year for no reason.

The next YouTuber has been a new follow for me but I've already made sooo many recipes from her channel that I simply must include her.  I'm talking about Sara better known as the Domestic Geek. I was so happy to have stumbled upon this channel. It's quick and healthy eating with easy to follow recipes.  One of the first dishes I made was a Beef stew and guys let me tell you it was the best thing I've made in awhile.

With so many good videos to watch it's hard not find something to recreate from this channel.  She has her first cookbook coming out in April and you best believe I'm going to pre order that!  Not only is the YouTube channel amazing but she just launched a new website this year,  Healthy Meal Plans where you can drag and drop recipes to meal plan and prep for the week, it then gives you the grocery list you need to make the dishes you've selected.. genius!  And Free!  Check it out here.

Another YouTuber I wanted to mention was Dani from Clean and Delicious.  I was inspired to recreate her Turkey and Zucchini skillet she made a video on and it was so easy and of course delicious!  She has started a new meal prep series #Six2Start where she takes 6 foods/ingredients to meal prep on the weekend and then shows you how to use them throughout the week in different ways. That leaves you with countless good ideas to start meal prepping with!

I also wanted to give an honorable mention to Lindsay from the Toasted Pinenut, Candice from the Edgy Veg, Megan from the Healthy Grocery Girl and Lisa from Downshiftology.  All 4 of these ladies post great videos with recipes that are amazing! I will link all of these amazing women below and I HIGHLY recommend you check out their YouTube Channels!

Click here for Healthnut Nutrition

Click here for Domestic Geek

Click here for Clean and Delicious

Click here for the Toasted Pine Nut

Click here for Edgy Veg

Click here for Healthy Grocery Girl

Click here for Downshiftology