Sunday, October 10, 2021


I have alot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. A month ago I was sitting in the ER hooked up to IV and had just found out that I had Type 2 Diabetes.  Now you might say well Michelle why are you thankful for that? Honestly I think things happen for a reason. And now I've gotten a HUGE wake up call to make my health and wellness a priority. So let's rewind a bit and what lead to me being in the ER.

So I'm pretty good at ignoring how I feel and avoid going to the doctors. Not smart I know.  Alot of the symptoms I was having I thought were caused by other things.  Dry mouth, I wear a mask all day so of course it's dry and thus makes me thirsty.  So then I drink water resulting in frequent bathroom trips.  Yeah both symptoms.  I was also feeling tired and kinda weak.  What lead me to making a doctor's appointment was take a tumble when I tried to step up on the curb outside of work.  I knew that wasn't normal to just fall and my legs shouldn't have given out on me.  Now in hindsight I had barely eaten anything that morning and I'm sure that played a part.   My diet in general although I tried to be healthy-ish was a lot of processed food. I was living off ramen, pepperettes, lemonade just to name a few. Plus just not wanting to cook and not eating at proper times.  So fast forward to my Doctor's appointment, they wanted me to do blood work. I figured as much and was lucky enough to get in that same day.  The next morning I'm at work and got the phone call that in an instant changed everything. My blood work had came back and my blood sugar was dangerously high and they wanted me to go to the ER right away to get treated.  HOLY CRAP, I wasn't expecting this.  So I go and they get me admitted and the ER doctor came in and gave me the news... You have Type 2 Diabetes, we are going to give you some insulin to help you out and then a prescription for medication.  

It's been a lot to process all this and learn about Diabetes.  I've blamed myself for letting my health decline to this state.  I mean I'd lost 50 lbs and was in great physical shape, I was freaking running! Me!  And slowly over the years I gave up exercise and I started eating what I wanted. Sure I sprinkled in some healthy items but I oh man chips are sooo good.  I had finally come to a point that I was ready to try and get things under control again, I gotten a treadmill for Christmas and was meal planning and prepping and then the pandemic hit. Boxes of wine and chips ensued.  All my motivation vanished.  Poof.  So yeah as hard as it was to hear I have Diabetes, and although the side effects from the medication really sucked in the beginning and then blurred vision has kept me from working. I'm also thankful for it all. (PS the vision is better and I'm starting back to work this week.) If I hadn't of fallen on that curb I wouldn't have made a doctor's appt and I would have probably ended up much worse off.  But now I know I need to make some serious changes. I immediately changed my eating.  Who knew what a difference eating 3 meals a day makes! I have an appointment with a dietitian later this week but I've been trying to eat more whole foods, plant based and watching my portions!  If I'm having crackers I make sure to follow what the recommended amount is, not just sitting with the box mindlessly stuffing my face. I just bought some cute workout clothes and plan to dust off my treadmill and get moving. You know the reason I started this blog way back in 2013 was to keep myself accountable and motivated plus maybe inspire some others on my way. I have lists of ideas for blogs that I've never written.  I have a second chance to continue my Living Lighter journey and for that I am Thankful.  I am Thankful that I fall on that curb. I am Thankful that I booked a doctor's appointment.  I am Thankful to be reclaiming my health.  I am Thankful to be feeling better and having some energy back. I am Thankful for the support of my Family and friends.  🥰